York Central is currently landlocked, offering limited access to York residents.

Access to the site

Key landmarks

Existing access to the site

Leeman Road

Wilton Rise

‘Marble Arch’

Rail station

Communities to the south and west of the site must go around it by road. Pedestrians from the south can only access the site via a low quality footbridge.

To the north, Leeman Road passes under a low bridge into the residential communities and narrow streets around Salisbury Terrace and to the east via Marble Arch into the city centre. These routes often become congested at peak times.

Although York Railway Station is a Grade II* listed building, the entrance to the west of the station currently provides a poor and restricted approach via steps to the National Railway Museum and this side of the city.

To deliver the masterplan, a new access route into York Central is needed. Whilst this naturally brings challenges and constraints, it also creates a number of opportunities for local residents and the wider city.

Challenges and constraints:
York Central is surrounded by active rail lines

York Yard South is in use until at least 2023, after which time the Department for Transport has an option to continue operating from the site

Delivering and maintaining a proposed new access route

The impact on neighbouring communities

Flood risk

Maintaining and enhancing heritage assets

Create new residential, employment, leisure and community opportunities

Improve connectivity of St Peter’s Quarter

Create a new western entrance to the station that is accessible to all

Support the growth and development of the National Railway Museum

Develop new walking and cycling routes through the site, improving connections between communities, the city centre and riverside

Exploit the potential to reduce traffic through Leeman Road residential streets


A number of options for new access are possible, each with challenges and benefits. This website seeks to demonstrate the differences between the options and get your views on each one. This will help us decide on the final option to take forwards.

Existing road network

Key landmarks

Shortlisted access options

Access to the site

Key landmarks

Shortlisted access options

There are three deliverable access options being considered and for you to review:
Western option 01Western option 02Southern option

Three access options previously considered have not been shortlisted following further investigation due to a combination of factors:

Operational Rail Requirements: York Yard South and the Holgate Works are key parts of the regional operational rail network. Holgate Works is to be expanded; to facilitate this, new rail lines will be installed to the west of the existing building. The site will also accommodate a modern Maintenance Delivery Unit for Network Rail which will migrate from York Central. York Yard South is required for continued operational rail use until 2023 at the earliest, due to existing commitments to Rail Operating Companies.

Funding Availability: In order to be considered deliverable access options must be capable of delivery by 2021 to bring in West Yorkshire Transport Funding and Enterprise Zone backed funding. Without these funding packages the whole scheme cannot be delivered.

The three options from Poppleton Road to the south of the site would have to cross a significant swathe of railway infrastructure and construction could not commence until 2023 at the earliest and would miss the opportunity for funding. For these reasons, these options are not deliverable and therefore have not been shortlisted.

The remaining options have been shortlisted as technically deliverable within the required timescale for the scheme. Draft road layouts for these options are set out in more detail on the ‘Access options’ pages of this website, however these diagrams do not represent a finalised design and are only indicative at this stage.