Millennium Green and Water End

The Western Access road will bridge the existing East Coast Mainline (ECML) rail corridor and serve as a significant entrance to the development, for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Design principles and proposals

A. A new junction at Water End.

B. New pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities and existing segregated cycle provision.

C. New pedestrian and cycle bridge to the east of the Water End Road Bridge

D. Creation of a new bridge over the East Coast Main Line.

E. New layout of accessible paths linking adjoining areas through the Millennium Green.

F. Landscaped embankments will run from the new road towards lower areas of Millennium Green.

G. Preservation and extension of existing wetland habitat with further meadow planting

H. Planting including mixed woodlands, meadows and lawns, creating a mix of ecological habitats.

I. Network Rail maintenance area.

J. New maintenance access for Millennium Green

K. New infrastructure and planting on land being transferred to Millennium Green

About Millennium Green

Millennium Green is a public green space and wildlife habitat which lies west of York Central and east of Water End. It is owned by City of York Council (the council) who granted a 999-year lease to the Millennium Green Trustees, a group formed by local residents in 1999. The land is held in trust as a natural green space for the benefit of the local community. In drawing up the lease agreement, it was foreseen that part of the land might be required to create a new access road into York Central. The lease includes a provision for part of the land to be transferred back to the council subject to the provision of replacement land of equivalent size. The Trust has reached a legal agreement with the council to do this and also to allow temporary access to part of the Green during construction of the road.


YCP has been meeting with the Millennium Green Trust (MGT) since September 2017 to discuss the Western Access route and its impact on the Green to ensure that this valued natural open space is preserved for future generations. Proposals have been developed through discussions with MGT and in response to environmental surveys. An options exercise was undertaken to refine the design of the road alignment and understand potential impacts. The Trustees participated in several workshops with YCP and the design team to develop the landscaping and planting proposals for the Green. The Trust have also undertaken their own engagement with the local community in July 2018 to ensure the process was open and transparent and maximised the opportunity for local people to engage with the plans.