Other infrastructure, planting and construction

The Phase 1 Infrastructure RMA proposals also include the provision of replacement railway infrastructure to allow a connection from the main railway network to the National Railway Museum (NRM).

Railway spur to National Railway Museum

A replacement rail connection will be constructed from the East Coast Mainline Bridge to connect to the NRM South Yard (Board 4). The rail line will be used on limited occasions during the year to transport Museum exhibits to and from the main Galleries.
• The eastern end of the line will provide a new route for the NRM Visitor Experience ride which will cross the foot and cycle path only at the start and end of the day.
• New buffer stops will be constructed at each end of the Visitor Experience line.
• A new road/rail crossing will be constructed on the Leeman Road Spur, again used very occasionally to move exhibits.
• A pedestrian/cycle crossing will be constructed through the NRM south yard to provide connectivity between the Concrete Works / Leeman Road and Hudson Boulevard

Other infrastructure

In addition to the development identified above the Phase 1 Infrastructure Reserved Matters Application will include a range of other key elements including:
• Surface water drainage
• Highways drainage and attenuation,
• Foul drainage networks and necessary diversions and provisions in relation to sewers, utilities and the culvert of the Holgate Beck.


John Sisk Ltd, has been appointed as the main contractor for this element of the project. The contractor has been involved in providing advice as the designs have developed to benefit the construction phase deliverability. Network Rail, Homes England and the City of York Council are actively investigating the opportunities for the development of a rail head within the site. The rail head would be used for the delivery of materials to reduce the need for on-road transportation and minimise construction disruption. Options are being considered for the construction of the new bridge over the East Coast Mainline to minimise the risk of building over the rail network. The key milestones, subject to funding approval, are summarised below.

Tree planting

More than 300 established trees will be planted during the phase one infrastructure work. Tree species will be selected to provide seasonal interest, shade, colour, texture and form appropriate to their context. Some indicative examples are illustrated below. The street tree planting strategy seeks to reinforce the different character areas along Park Street and to work well together across York Central as a whole.