What does the application include?

The Phase 1 Infrastructure proposals will open up the site and provide a new network of routes across the site for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The proposals we are sharing with you here have been developed through ongoing engagement with the public, the Local Planning Authority and statutory consultees. We want to share them with you before submitting them to City of York Council (the Local Planning Authority) at the end of March 2020.

Design principles and proposals

Phase 1 Infrastructure Reserved Matters Application

Highways and landscape proposals within the redline boundary.

  1. A new junction at Water End forming the primary connection to the site
  2. New pedestrian and cycle bridge to east of Water End Road Bridge
  3. New East Coast Mainline Bridge
  4. Enhancements to Millennium Green (beyond the redline boundary)
  5. Creation of embankments at edge of Millennium Green
  6. Park Street
  7. Hudson Boulevard
  8. Foundry Way
  9. Cinder Street
  10. Leeman Road Tunnel
  11. Leeman Road Spur

Current and future Reserved Matters Applications (RMA)

All the detailed proposals for what is built on York Central will be dealt with through future applications. The diagram above shows the broad areas these will cover. The purpose of this exhibition is to share detailed proposals for the area illustrated within the red line boundary – these are what are referred to as the Phase 1 Infrastructure which will provide access to the site and facilitate the delivery of the masterplan. The proposals within the red line boundary will form part of the Phase 1 Infrastructure RMA.

It is important to remember that all the other parts of the site will also be subject to public engagement and planning applications as schemes are developed by Homes England, Network Rail and their chosen development partners, so you will have your chance to shape them at a later date.

The outline planning permission and S106 agreement set the framework for securing a wide range of community and environmental benefits as future RMA applications come forward.

Progress since planning committee

Since the York Central planning committee, York Central Partners have progressed the scheme as follows:
• Homes England and Network Rail have appointed a Project Director and project team to progress delivery of the site’s development; completed the s106 Planning Agreement; applied for a Stopping Up Order for part of Leeman Road
• City of York Council have developed the detailed design of the Phase 1 Infrastructure proposals in conjunction with partners; appointed construction contractor John Sisk Ltd in September 2019; conducted a design review and developed a Construction Strategy: have also had ongoing discussions with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and made representations to MHCLG in relation to securing grant funding for the proposals.

Partners and funding

• The council and partners have put together a £155m funding package, including an application for a £77.1m grant from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund. The package also includes £23.5m of a total of £37.2m from the West Yorkshireplus Transport Fund and Leeds City Region Growth Deal, which will also fund the ambitious plans to transform the front of the railway station.
• The West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund has been part-funded through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Deal, a £1 billion package of Government funding to drive growth and job creation across the Leeds City Region. The aim is to create around 20,000 new jobs and add £2.4 billion a year to the economy by the mid-2030s.
• City of York Council has also received a Local Growth Fund contribution of £6m from York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership and agreed to borrow £35m to be repaid using retained business rates from the York Central Enterprise Zone.

Summary of the proposals

York Central will create a new network of streets which will connect to existing travel routes and support convenient, safe sustainable travel. This board identifies the key measures and principles which will benefit existing and future residents.

1 – Western access and Park Street

A landscaped 2m pedestrian footway and a segregated 3.5m wide, two-way cycle route will extend the length of the new access road from Water End, with mature trees and shading, creating a safe and welcoming street environment from day one. Regular pedestrian crossing points will allow for easy connections between places.

Walking and cycling connections

The proposals include 1.85km of segregated walking and cycling routes with an emphasis on safety and environmental improvements.

2 – Millennium Green

Dedicated footways will be provided linking Millennium Green with adjacent neighbourhoods and into York Central.

3 – Water End road bridge

Existing footways, cycle-ways and crossings on Water End Road Bridge will be improved. A 4m wide shared space for pedestrians and cyclists will be provided on a new footbridge next to the existing bridge. This space will be similar in style to the new Scarborough Bridge.

4 – East Coast mainline bridge

New road bridge over ECML with segregated paths for pedestrians and cyclists on the eastern pavement and a dedicated pedestrian route on the western one.

5 – Leeman Road tunnel and Marble Arch

A pedestrian only route will be provided through Marble Arch and a dedicated cycle lane will be provided through the Leeman Road Tunnel.

6 – Railway Station

New cycle parking at York Railway Station western entrance will support cycle commuting and visitors. This will be provided as part of the future scheme to develop the station entrance.

7 – Pedestrian and cycle improvements next to NRM

New segregated pedestrian and cycle provision to route around the NRM to maintain connections from Leeman Road through to Marble Arch and Leeman Road Tunnel.

8 – Segregated cycle and pedestrian routes along the landscaped Hudson Boulevard

Leading directly into the rear of the station.

Priority for public transport

The access proposals will integrate bus networks across the city and transform access to the rear of the station for all users.

9 – Bus lane

A new 3.5m wide bus lane for city centre bound journeys along Cinder Street will provide priority for public transport vehicles.

10 – Park & Ride

Two high frequency Park & Ride bus services will be routed through the site and new stops will be provided to serve the railway station and National Railway Museum.

11 – Existing local services

Some buses which currently use Leeman Road will be rerouted through new roads on the site, with stops to be provided on the new road linking Leeman Road corner to Park Street and on Park Street. Existing residents of St Peter’s Quarter will be able to walk to Park Street via Foundry Way and the new space adjacent to South Yard at the National Railway Museum.

12 – New drop-off facility to west of station

This will deliver spaces for 12 vehicles including taxis that drop passengers off at the station.

New streets and access

13 – Leeman Road Spur

This will provide a connection from Park Street to the junction of Kingsland Terrace and Leeman Road.

14 – Leeman Road tunnel

This will be reduced to a single carriageway for vehicles with a one-way working system controlled by traffic signals, along with a dedicated segregated cycle route. This will be accompanied by improvements to lighting and surfaces.

15 – Leeman Road underpass

This vehicle access to the site will be retained and enhanced at the Leeman Road underpass to the north. Works to the underpass itself are not part of this RMA.

16 – Replacement spur line

This will connect from the East Coast Main Line to the National Railway Museum and include the NRM Visitor Experience Ride.