Planning application

The outline planning application for the York Central masterplan was submitted on Wednesday 29th August and has undergone a 30-day statutory consultation period, which closed on Friday 28th September 2018.


On Wednesday 30th January 2019 the York Central Partnership submitted additional information to support the outline planning application.


The revised material contained minor revisions to the proposals and supplementary information on a range of matters including transport, design and drainage. It underwent a 30-day public consultation period as part of the planning process.


The plans submitted are available to view via the City of York’s planning website.


The application can be found at the City of York’s planning website by visiting and entering the reference number 18/01884/OUTM into the search box.


The planning application documents and comments of support and objections are available to view in full here:


To leave a comment on the application, you can follow this link where you will need to register to create a log in:


The Local Planning Authority is required to make decisions within sixteen weeks for major developments, subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, and a decision on the York Central application is expected on the 25th March 2019.