YCP Provides Further Information on Diversion of Leeman Road

During the York Central Partnership’s process of engagement with the York community, as part of the ‘Festival of York Central’, we have been listening to the key themes and issues raised. A question that has been asked relates to the potential impact on journey times following the creation of the National Railway Museum’s Central Gallery and Museum Square, and the subsequent diversion of through traffic.

In response to this question, the Partnership has created a useful document, which contains more information on the proposed plans, journey times for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as maps of the new routes. The document can be viewed in full here.

Under current proposals, the pedestrian, cycle, public transport and car traffic currently using Leeman Road would be diverted around the south of the Museum via the new movement network developed as part of York Central. Pedestrians would continue to be able to walk through the museum during opening hours and outside of this time, would join cyclists in being able to use non-vehicular routes through and across the new park. Buses, taxis and cars will be diverted towards the new access road.

Tamsin Hart-Jones, project lead from York Central Partnership, said: “The Festival of York Central has been designed to encourage people to share their thoughts and concerns with us and we are really happy that residents are engaging in the ongoing discussions.

“We know that the changes to Leeman Road have raised a number of questions from local residents and we hope that our new document will help answer some of their queries.”