York Central Partnership Submits Additional Planning Information

The York Central Partnership has submitted additional information to support the outline planning application for one of the largest city centre brownfield sites in England.

The revised material contains minor revisions to the proposals and supplementary information on a range of matters including transport, design and drainage. It will now undergo a 30-day public consultation period as part of the planning process. The documents will be available to view via the City of York’s planning website.

The Partnership anticipates that the outline planning application will be considered at Planning Committee in March 2019.

The revised information responds to comments from the local community, statutory consultees, stakeholders and interested parties, submitted over the past four months. It includes, amongst other matters, the following:

  • Revisions to the proposals to increase the minimum provision of office floor space;
  • Changes to the Design Guide to enhance the high-quality nature of York Central and strengthen the ability for this to be delivered through future planning applications;
  • Further information relating to transport matters, including revised transport modelling, public transport considerations and pedestrian and cyclist accessibility around the site;
  • Further environmental information across a range of matters including flood risk, noise, air quality and others;
  • Further information and evidence relating to the proposal to divert part of Leeman Road.

Tamsin Hart-Jones, project lead for York Central, said: “A development of York Central’s size and complexity is unprecedented in York’s history and naturally raises lots of questions. We have been working closely with the planning authority to respond to these enquiries and to provide further information whenever it has been asked for.

“Requests for clarifications and amendments are a normal part of the planning process, especially on a project of this scale. The additional work we’ve been carrying out is just another part of the consultation process we’ve been engaged in since the start of the project. We are confident that these conversations have enabled us to deliver a robust, focused and sustainable proposal, which will help us arrive at a point where the planning authority can make a positive decision on the application.”

The revised timings on the outline planning application do not impact the funding and deliverability of the scheme.

Subject to receiving approval on the outline planning application, the Partnership will submit a reserved matters application to secure planning permission for the details of the main access road into and across the York Central site.