Additional Planning Information – Summary

The York Central Partnership recently submitted a number of additional documents and information to support the outline planning application for the York Central site. This new information is now undergoing a 30-day public consultation period, ending 1st March, as part of the planning process. The documents are available to view in full via the City of York’s planning website.

To help you understand the changes and amendments that have been made, we’ve included a summary letter below which was submitted with the updated information. The letter outlines the key changes that have been made and references which documents contain this information.

RE: Outline Planning Application for development at York Central, Leeman Road (ref: 18/01884/OUTM)

GVA has been instructed to prepare and re-submit a number of documents to support the outline planning application submitted by Network Rail Infrastructure Limited and Homes England (“the Applicant”) (Ref: 18/01884/OUTM) (“the Application”) in August 2018.

Since the submission of the Application, the Applicant and its Agent (GVA) has continued to engage with the Local Planning Authority (LPA), the City of York Council, on the proposed Development. In addition, a statutory consultation process has been undertaken with a number of comments being received from statutory consultees, stakeholders, interested parties and the local community. This has resulted in amendments to the proposed Development as well as a number of revisions to existing supporting documents and the submission of further supporting documents.

As detailed in the revised Development Specification and Planning Statement Addendum, The following sets out the amended description of development:

“Outline planning permission with all matters reserved is sought for the redevelopment of the Site to provide a mixed-use development with up to 379,729sqm (Gross External Area (GEA)) of floorspace comprising:

 Up to 2,500 homes within Use Class C3;

  • Up to  87,693sqm  (Gross  External  Area(GEA))  within  Use  Classes B1a/B1b;
  • Up to 11,991sqm retail and leisure floorspace within Use Classes A1- A5 or D2;
  • Hotels with up to 400 bedrooms (Use Class C1);
  • Up to  12,120sqm  (Use  Class  D1)  for  expansion  of  the  National Railway Museum and provision of community uses;
  • Associated car and cycle parking provision (including delivery of multi-storey car parking buildings and cycle hub);


  •  Provision of new open space including hard and soft landscaping;
  • Construction of a new western station access, drop off and concourse for York Railway Station;
  • A new site access at Water End;
  • Associated vehicular, rail, cycle and pedestrian access routes and improvements;
  • Demolition and alterations to existing buildings and structures, removal of some existing railway lines and tracks and associated site clearance; and
  • Infrastructure and engineering works, associated with the proposed ”


The documents that are being re-submitted are detailed in the table below. For ease of reference, the changes from the original submission documents (where relevant) are also detailed.


Document Revision / new document? Description / changes
Parameter Plans

(doc ref: YCL-ALM-ZZ- XX-RP-DR-0001 Rev A)

Revision Amendments made to:

  • YC-PP 002 Demolition – permission is no longer sought for the demolition of Alliance House (12) and Canteen/Mess Room (13);
  • YC-PP 003 Demolition – Enlarged Extract – the extent of the listing of the wall along Cinder Lane is now included;
  • YC-PP 005 Development Zones – Above Ground– the defined development zones are subdivided in order to inform the maximum development floor spaces for each sub-zone (set out in the Development Specification);
  • YC-PP 008 Development Zones – Upper Floor Uses – the plan now confirms that the predominant locations for the provision of office space will be in the east of the Site, adjacent to York Railway Station and with a focus around the proposed new square. Development Zones C and D and part of Zone F are specifically identified for B1a and B1b development in order to encourage the development of a commercial district within York Central.

For clarity, the parameter plans are resubmitted in full. The amended plans are clearly marked ‘Revision A’ and dated January 2018 and these supersede the original version submitted in August 2018.

Drawings for Information

(doc ref: YCL-ALM-ZZ- XX-RP-DR-0002 Rev A)

Revision Amendments made to:

  • YC-IP 002 – Retained Buildings – Alliance House
  • (12) and Canteen/Mess Room (13) now shown as retained buildings following the amendment to parameter plan YC-PP 002 Demolition;
  • YC-IP 110 – Heights Diagram – an indicative plan showing the possible storey heights of the buildings shown on the illustrative masterplan;
  • YC-IP  120  –  revision to  temporary car  parking locations (further information on temporary car parking is included within the revised Planning Statement Addendum, revised Transport Assessment and revised Environmental Statement).

For clarity, the drawings for information are resubmitted in full. The amended plans are clearly marked ‘Revision A’ and dated January 2018 and these supersede the original version submitted in August 2018.

Development Specification

(doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ- XX-RP-TX-0006 Rev A)

Revision Details the amendments to the development which includes:

  • An increase in the maximum allowable floorspace from 367,580sqm to 379,729sqm;
  • An increase in the minimum provision of office space from 46,056sqm to 70,000sqm; and
  • Revisions to the development zone and predominant uses schedule to include maximum floor space limits for the Development Zones and Sub-Zones.

It supersedes the Development Specification (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX-0006) submitted in August 2018.

Design Guide

(doc ref: YCL-ALM-ZZ- XX-RP-AX-0003 Rev A)

Revision A number of minor revisions have been made throughout the document in response to a number of consultation responses. The main revisions include:

  • Additional guidance on the design of streets and footways, including (not exhaustively) a further section on the pedestrian and cycle route though the National Railway Museum’s South Yard, further specifications on minimum street widths and the provision of additional / relevant images;
  • Additional guidance for the development sitting within sensitive views, specifically from the Holgate Windmill, Severus Hill, Water End and along Leeman Road;
  • Clarifications regarding the use of balconies and roof terraces, the proportions of materials allowed within the Station Quarter;
  • Further guidance on parity of the quality of design and access to open spaces for affordable housing with market housing;
  • Minor changes to sections 3 (Public Open Space) and 4 (Streets) with regarding to the use and quality of landscaping such as trees and boundary treatment; and
  • Additional guidance to section 3.2 (Ecology) on the use of gravel gardens and green and brown roofs.

It supersedes the Design Guide (doc ref: YCL-ALM- ZZ-XX-RP-AX-0003) submitted in August 2018.

Design and Access Statement Addendum (doc ref: YCL-ALM-ZZ- XX-RP-AX-0002a) New Sets out the changes to the illustrative masterplan as a response to consultation responses. It includes a revised illustrative masterplan and accommodation schedule, explains the amendments to the parameter plans and shows any subsequent changes to sensitive view. It should be read alongside the Design and Access Statement (doc ref: YCL-ALM-ZZ-XX-RP-AX-0002) submitted in August 2018 and supersedes the relevant parts of the Statement.
Planning Statement Addendum (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX- 0016 Rev A) Revision Summarises the amendments to the proposed development and clarifies resultant changes to the planning considerations as reported in the in the Planning Statement (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX- 0005) submitted in August 2018. Provides additional information and justification relevant to the proposal to stop up (divert) part of Leeman Road in order to facilitate the delivery of the proposed Development. Also includes an assessment of open space proposed and provides a case against the relevant planning policy and guidance. It should be read alongside the Planning Statement and supersedes the relevant parts of the Statement. It also supersedes the Planning Statement Addendum (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX-0016) submitted in August 2018.
Retail Impact Assessment (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX- 0012 Rev A) Revision Provides further explanatory evidence in respect of town centre impacts and sequential approach. It supersedes the Town Centre Uses Statement (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TX-0012) submitted in August 2018.
Transport Assessment (doc ref: : YCL-ARP-ZZ- XX-RP-TP-0001 Rev A) Revision Key revisions include:

  • Chapter 4 – minor updates and clarifications in relation to the transport proposals of the proposed Development;
  • Chapter 3 – more detailed review of national and local planning policy, particularly in relation to policies within the emerging Local Plan and how the proposed Development is consistent with the policies;
  • Chapter 6 – some updates to the trip generation calculations, specifically consideration of predicted trips through the extended morning and evening peak periods (07:00-10:00hrs and 15:00-18:00hrs);
  • Chapter 7 – provides a more detailed assessment of sustainable modes of transport. This includes more detail of pedestrian and cycle accessibility and the results of a pedestrian and cycle audit and improvement measures. In addition, further analysis is presented regarding the impacts on public transport including a review of the public transport mode share, provision of isochrones to review accessibility of the site, provision of bus journey time data from the strategic modelling and presentation of results for the Leeman Road Tunnel microsimulation modelling. Further mitigation measures in relation to buses are set out;
  • Chapter 8 – provides minor updates to the car parking assessment, including a review of the office car parking accumulation;
  • Chapter 9 – provides further detail of the assumptions included within the strategic modelling, including existing site trips and presents a summary of the total trip generation included in the modelling;
  • Chapter 10 – presents results of the updated local junction models based on a detailed review of base model calibration and validation;
  • Chapter 11 – presents results of the updated microsimulation models based on a review of the base model validation; and
  • Chapter 13 – presents further information regarding potential construction traffic impacts including analysis of construction vehicles associated with the Phase 1 Infrastructure Works.

It supersedes the Transport Assessment (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TP-0001) submitted in August 2018.

Framework Travel Plan (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ- XX-RP-TP-0002 Rev A) Revision Key revisions include:

  • Addition of a requirement for more detailed Employment and Residential Travel Plans by zone; Further detail on roles and commitment from the Developer;
  • More detail of measures to be delivered as part of the scheme and when targets are not met; Inclusion of more ambitious targets, adjusted for residential and employment zones; Review of objectives against monitoring.

It supersedes the Framework Travel Plan (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-TP-0002) submitted in August 2018.

Flood Risk Assessment (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ- XX-RP-CD-0002 Rev A) Revision Updated to provide clarity that the proposed development will respect the 8m easement for Holgate   Beck.      It   supersedes   the   Flood   Risk Assessment (doc ref:    YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-CD-0002) submitted in August 2018.
Drainage Strategy (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ- XX-RP-CD-0001 Rev A) Revision In response to comments received from the City of York Council and Yorkshire Water the primary changes are as follows:

  • Additional information has been provided on the existing capacity of the YWS combined sewer network.
  • The proposed peak flow discharge rates to the YWS sewer updated to a peak flow rate of 30% less than the 1 in 1 year existing peak flow event. The attenuation volumes have been adjusted to account for the lower discharge rates.
  • The existing drainage network has been updated to provide further clarity on the private drainage networks within the site boundary.
  • The proposed drainage network has been updated to reflect the changes to the attenuation volumes.

It supersedes the Drainage Statement (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-XX-RP-CD-0001) submitted in August 2018.

Environmental Statement – Volume 1 Revision The Environmental Statement has been updated across a number of chapters. The amendments specific to each chapter is set out below. It is resubmitted infull and supersedes the Environmental Statement (doc ref: YCL-ARP-ZZ-RP- TX-0007) submitted in August 2018.


Ch 1 Introduction Section updated to confirm that the Environmental Statement has been prepared in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (“the 2017 EIA Regulations”) and a new section added outlining EIA experience and competent expert statement.
Ch 2 Development Description Updates in relation to the revised Development Specification, construction traffic for Phase 1 infrastructure, proposed temporary car parking and jobs generated.
Ch 3 EIA Assessment Methods Section updated to be in line with 2017 EIA Regulations, section added to describe scope of Major Accidents and Natural Disasters assessment and update to air quality section.
Ch 4 Alternatives and Design Evolution Updated      to     reflect      amendments       to     design evolution. following outline planning submission
Ch 5 Planning Policy and Context Health and carbon policies added
Ch 6 Traffic and Transport Updates to reflect the changes made to the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan (as detailed above) including updates to consultation following submission;      additional      junction      information; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development; information about Travel Plan; update to construction traffic; information added about proposed car parking; junction assessment results updated following further modelling; and impact on bus journey times added
Ch 7 Air Quality Updates made to consultation following submission; assessment methodology; rail emissions assessment methodology; temporary car parking screening; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development; damage costs; mitigation measures added for rail emissions and temporary car parking; and reference to outline mitigation statement added.
Ch 8 Archaeology and Built Heritage Updates to appendices list; consultation following submission; description of deposit model; and reference added to Outline Archaeological Remains Management Plan; and tables to reflect Design Guide comments.
Ch 9 Townscape and Visual Reference to Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) added to section on historic core, area A; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development added; and clarification that possible acoustic barriers have been considered.
Ch 10 Noise and Vibration Updates include additional figure added to list; updates made to consultation following submission; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development added; construction traffic assessment added; and summary of Site Suitability assessment findings added.
Ch 11 Ecology Updates made to consultation following submission; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development; impact on habitats and revised description of habitat areas; and reference to brown/green roofs added.
Ch 12 Ground Conditions No changes made.
Ch 13 Socio- Economics Baseline and assessment sections updated to remove reference to health facilities and job creation numbers updated to reflect revised quantum of development.
Ch 14 Waste Resources Description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development added.
Ch 15 Water, FRA and Drainage Additional  appendix  reference  added;  updates made to consultation following submission; description of expected evolution of baseline over time in absence of development added; sensitivity of residential receptors amended; amendment to wording of drainage run off restriction; and residual

effects table update.

Ch 16 Wind Assessment Updates to report Computational  Fluid  Dynamics modelling.
Ch 17 Daylighting


Updated to add new category of city centre apartments; existing property information updated following baseline validation exercise; assessment of operation impact updated following update modelling exercise; and tables updated to include description of mitigation options for detailed design.
Ch 18 Climate


CO2 assessment incorporated.
Ch 19 Health New  chapter  added  to  comply  with  2017  EIA Regulations.
Ch 20 Cumulative

Impact Assessment

Updated to incorporate health chapter; new applications that have been submitted subsequent to application submission; and sections updated with new additional proposed developments.
Ch 21 Summary of

Significant Effects and Mitigation

Updated to include description of mitigation types; section updated to include medium-term and reference to monitoring; summary of significant effects table updated to  reflect any changes in previous chapters; and to information added describing monitoring requirements.



Statement – Volume 2

– Figures

Revision Updated figures in line with revised parameter plans and updated figure 11.2 in line with revised Design Guide.

Statement – Volume 3

– Technical Appendices

Revision Updates made to the following appendices:

  • Appendix 2A Framework CEMP – updated to incorporate additional measures highlighted in chapter updates;
  • Appendices 6A and 6B updated following consultation;
  • Appendices 7A and 7F updated following consultation;
  • New appendices 8G and 8H added;
  • Appendix 10C updated to include construction traffic assumptions;
  • Appendices 15A, 15B and 15C updated following consultation; new Appendix 15E added;
  • New appendix 16A added;
  • Appendix 17A updated following additional modelling; and
  • New appendix 18B added.
Environmental Statement – Volume 4

– Non-technical Summary

Revision Amended to account for changes to Environmental Statement chapters above.

All documents are being provided to the Local Planning Authority in a format to enable them to be uploaded onto the online planning register (  applications/). Where necessary, the documents are split to meet maximum file size requirements.

In addition, complete versions of the documents (i.e. not split into maximum file sizes) will be available via GVA’s file sharing system (Box) and will remain available for public viewing until the determination of the application

Please note the online planning register is the formal location for all public information relating to the Application and includes additional information including correspondence and consultation responses.