Drop in sessions answer questions and captures ideas about York Central

In September 2023, members of the York Central team took the ‘Have Your Say’ gazebo out on tour again and spent a couple of days outside Betty’s Tea Rooms on St Helen’s Square in York City Centre.

Over the two days we spoke to more than 200 people who came along, braved the elements and chatted with us about their concerns, support or curiosity around the scheme. Most people were genuinely interested and surprised at the size and scope of the project. They left feeling that they knew more than before, were positive about the plans and had more clarity on some issues that they had previously misunderstood, particularly around accessibility, sustainability and the scale of the project.

One visitor commented “It is the best thing to happen to York”, while another asked when they could buy a house, a third made some great suggestions around public art and suggested some great contacts for the team to follow up with.

As with all the events planned by the York Central Partnership, it was an opportunity engage in conversation around the project and listen to people’s ideas, clarify any areas where there were concern or confusion. We are always looking for people’s input and welcome any contributions at yorkcentral@homesengland.gov.uk.