Reserved Matters Application

RMA1: Infrastructure

This Reserved Matters Application relates to the development of new infrastructure at York Central. The application was approved on 13 November 2020.

You can find all documents related to RMA1 on the City of York Council Planning Portal (20/00710/REMM).

More Information about the Reserved Matters Application



The purpose of the Phase 1 Reserved Matters Application is to enable the redevelopment of the York Central site by providing a new network of routes across the site for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. This includes:

  • New site access at Water End
  • Associated pedestrian, cycle, rail and vehicular access routes and improvements
  • Alterations to Severus Road Bridge and a new pedestrian and cycle bridge and the creation of a new bridge over the East Coast Mainline
  • Provision of landscaping along the highway corridor

Discharge of Conditions


Since approval of this RMA1, a series of Discharge of Condition applications have been submitted to City of York Council.

Discharging these planning conditions enables the delivery of the Phase 1 infrastructure as the development approved under the Outline Planning Permission becomes a reality.

Infrastructure extent of works plan from RMA1 Design Report


A Decision Notice is a ruling issued by a Local Planning Authority, stating whether an application has been approved or refused.

If approved, the Decision Notice may set out a number of conditions relating to the decision.  These conditions must be followed when carrying out the development. The decision notice will also set out the reasons for these conditions and the reasons for the decision.

There are often conditions attached to planning permissions that need further details to be submitted and approved by a local planning authority at certain stages of development. This process is called ‘discharge of conditions’.

An RMA is the next stage following on from an OPA having been granted. It provides more detail than an OPA and includes details about appearance, layout, landscaping and means of access.

A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a document planning applicants are required to produce that sets out what consultation will take place with the community on the preparation of planning documents.

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