York Central – Summary of Engagement Strategy

Hearing your views is really important to York Central Partnership (YCP). YCP is committed to an ongoing conversation about the emerging masterplan with local residents, workers and visitors. Our approach to engagement has been guided by key principles that you helped to shape and which are vital to achieve a successful scheme.

York Central has six key principles for engagement

1. Establish trust in the process and the project

2. Transparency as a default

3. Sensitivity in building relationships and providing consistency:

4. Clarity on processes & stages of engagement, what is discussed, when and how it informs the design

5. Clear communications which are accessible and appropriate

6. Interesting formats to encourage people to participate

Previous rounds of engagement

In 2016, we sought your views on the emerging proposals for York Central through a range of events and exhibitions. We received 1,224 consultation responses which were analysed and the key points were fed into the emerging masterplanning process. In 2017, we sought your views on different access options for the site. 644 people attended drop-in events and we received 619 responses.

Stages of engagement

Since late 2017, there have been opportunities for the public to engage with, and input into, the proposals as they have developed as follows:

Stage 1 – we met with local groups and organisations and held three public pop-up events to hear your thoughts on the emerging principles for the York Central masterplan.

Stage 2 – we held a series of workshops with members of the community to discuss key themes for the emerging York Central masterplan. The workshops allowed us to explore issues raised in Stage 1 in greater detail which has helped us to progress key elements of the masterplan.

Stage 3 (we are here) – a comprehensive process involving an exhibition and dedicated website, as well as a series of events and activities to promote deeper understanding and engagement

Stage 3 engagement activities – Festival of York Central

The emerging masterplan is starting to take shape following a focused and intensive period of design work, technical studies and engagement with local people over the past six months. YCP is committed to a genuine process of engagement, and we are keen to engage with a range of people before we start preparing the planning application itself. YCP has five main objectives for the stage 3 engagement:

1. Provide a clear overview of how the emerging masterplan is evolving.

2. Hear your views on the overall approach, vision and key principles.

3. Understand your thoughts on more specific elements of the proposals including site access and open spaces.

4. Deepen the level of involvement and understanding of the site through conversation and dialogue to enable long term community involvement in the site as it evolves.

5. Enable a masterplan that better meets the needs of the York community.

Outcomes from the engagement process

Your response will help to inform the evolution of the masterplan and the detail of the access road as we move towards the preparation and submission of planning applications. The decisions we take will be informed by all the responses received, the outcomes of other engagement activities and the ongoing technical work of our design and technical team. We will prepare a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which will summarise the outcomes of the engagement process and our responses. The SCI will be submitted as part of the planning application(s) and will be publicly available.